Frequently asked questions

Do you ship to countries outside of the Netherlands?

Yes, we do! We can ship to almost every country in the world, with a few exceptions. If you can’t select your country, please contact us first.

How much does shipping cost?

That really depends on the weight and what country it needs to be shipped to. The price for shipping is between 8 euro for 1kg and 106 euro for 20 Kg. We ship with or DHL.

The products you sell online, are they sold in your shop in Amsterdam as well?

Yes, all products we sell online are also avaible in our toystore in Amsterdam. If the product is not instock on the website, it might be in stock in the store in Amsterdam, since or stocklist is usually a day behind. Fastest contact is by phone: 0031(0)204230230

Why are the products in the english section of the webshop removed?

We removed the English part of the website since May 2018, due to the fact google translate will translate the site in your own language.